mishasfriends (mishasfriends) wrote,

And now... bears

Spent a good hour today trying to make our neighborhood unattractive to the local bear. He got started on the next-door goats (over a six-foot fence)... until driven off by my fearless neighbor. Thanks to her fast action, the goat has no deep wounds and hopefully will be OK. But within the hour the bear was lurking again, just as I happened to be driving out so I gave him a good chase with my car - down one lane and then another. It took him a long time to come to the conclusion that he should get off the road and into the woods. He's already killed chickens and a goat in the area. The real danger is to small children, wandering with their snack food in hand (or its remains on their hands and faces.) At times like this I'm thankful we have no (domestic) animals. I've shoved a bull from the garden, made peace with a resident bat (who always cleaned all the bugs from our house before letting herself out for the night), tolerated wasps and their nests (just check the insides of your shoes before putting them on), made friends with a python, let fox play on our doorstep, and seduced a wandering ram into the County Animal Control truck, but a black bear is a new challenge and I probably haven't seen the last of him.
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