mishasfriends (mishasfriends) wrote,

Reply to your 11/27/13

Great to hear from you with all the news. So Kotia's headed for Wall St. or something like that? Blair Academy is like a sister to the one I attended in Tarrytown (HackleySchool.org).

WE were at Aerielle's yesterday for the Thanksgiving feast. Her first baby is due in three weeks (Hazel Charlotte). Abe and his wife, Silver Tree, were there with their two young children, Foxton (Foxie) and Solaris (Soli), as were Anne and Bill and Aerielle's guy, Patrick, and my son, Jacques. Silver is now a director for the TV series "Suburgatory," and she and Abe live in Laurel Canyon, two minutes from Hollywood's Sunset Strip.

Abe told me that his latest film is distributed in Russia by КИНОПРОМ under the title непокорнйые, which I translate as "Unsubdued," or "Unsubmissive."

Dotty teaches English regularly to Latin American workers (mostly Mexicans) at the Graton Labor Center not far from Occidental. Her Spanish is improving in the process. I'm still whacking away at my art, which you can now see at jacqueslevy.com. To find yourself and Tamie mentioned on the site, click the link "How this work originated and developed," where you will find a mini autobiography.

I'm curious to know whether this message was correctly sent for private viewing by you only.

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