mishasfriends's Journal

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Here's the bio from the one on the right side of the picture:

Education: high-school plus five years in U.S. and France; B.A. + certificates.

Age: over 65

Past work: teaching, research, management and retail sales.

Part-time work:
20 years: Disaster services specialist.
12 years: hospice volunteer.
10 years: Nonviolent communication and variations; workshop team facilitator (including >600 hrs in places of incarceration.)
Languages: English & French; some Spanish

Travels: Tourist in U.S., Canada, & Europe, incl Russia; working projects in Kenya, Tanzania, El Salvador, Nicaragua; and China (primarily Yunnan Prov.) ; at home in France, U.S., and Canada.

Spiritual travels: "childhood-Christianity" is my base. Add-ons and twists: study of Art, Philosophy & Psychology, Gurdjieff, est, TM, Buddhist meditation, CIM, CRS. I’ve received the blessing of the Karmapa, the embrace of Amma, and the Eucharist at the urging of the Bishop even as I affirmed I was not Catholic; (is it all about the person you accompany?).

Love life: long term serial monogamist (from 3 to 20+ years)

Quirks of life: descended from a family of fiery independent females; has walked on red-hot coals; likes to make birthday cards; been on national TV & radio; had a near-death experience; interesting family and friends give me two degrees of separation from Lenin, Stalin, and Saddam, but my personal fame will have to remain "borrowed"; has a femoral-head collection; lived for seven years lacking some or all of the following: electricity, running water, heat… yeah, even with snow outside and baby in diapers... not really so strange since that used to be normal life for everyone.

P.S. I don't add "Friends" because I prefer to hear directly from you if I know you... and I'm not very handy with all this computer stuff.